The ancient art of marquetry has been brought back to life with one of many masterpieces. The expert mixing and matching of different woods, colours, patterns, floral motifs, ornamental devices and figures come to life before our very eyes. A set piece of scenery to enrich your life.
Add the warmth and beauty of natural wood to any room. Hardwood floors can be installed almost anywhere and directly onto most flat and dry surfaces such as concrete.
Enjoy the luxury of having a design wood floor that speaks a million words. A floor made with wood from different parts of the world, enriching and invigorating.
Every floor has its own unique character. Like the human fingerprint, it is uniquely different. Our master craftsmen design and execute floor medallions using a big range of exotic wood species producing a masterpiece that has custom dimensions to suit your application. You may match any medallion with the elements from other flooring medallions, borders or tiles. The combinations are endless.
Hardwood medallions are a statement of taste and prestige. Medallions are available in the designs shown or in a custom design of your own. For example, the family crest, corporation logo or any distinct personal design. We have hundreds of designs to pick from.
With these beautifully designed borders any commodity, standard floor can be brought to life and upscaled to a speciality floor with character. Make your plain floors look extravagant with any border. The following borders are just some of the hundreds that Al Baraa can execute. Our design data base will contain more choice than you could ever think of.
Borders can be handcrafted in the species combinations shown below or in one of your own designs. These preassembled borders can be installed very easily by directly gluing or mechanically fastening it to any dry and level subfloor. If you need help in calculating your floor border length, or need to see a simulated design, please drop us an email or call us.
Combining borders with medallions is the epitome of style and elegance. Select your border to match the medallion of choice. Al Baraa can produce borders and medallions to perfectly fit and complement each other. Al Baraa can produce marquetry to your dimensions.
These beautiful tiles come in all designs, shapes and sizes. Your imagination is the limit. We have standard tiles that are competitively priced. You can also give us your designs and we can custom make to suit:
  • Custom made flooring from our design database or from your imagination.
  • All dimensions are possible - We can ship up to 3m x 3m size boards.
  • Vast variety of exotic woods with amazing colours.
  • Our Marquetry is engineered and built with the highest quality materials.
  • Made to last for many generations to come.
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