OSMO: Natural Protection for Wood for 100 years
Osmo is the world leader in the category of natural wood finishes and conforms to all the relevant European standards.
Al Baraa is the sole distributor of Osmo products for UAE and for the Middle East in general. Being a leader in the un-finished flooring and marquetry in UAE, it is only natural for Al Baraa to have a partner like OSMO.
At Al Baraa we not only sell Osmo, we all use it for our projects to the great satisfaction of our clients and we recommend it to the housel holds and the professional alike.
Osmo wood finish:
  • Protects the wood from inside and outside, however, the wood can still breath, can still absorb and release moisture.
  • Why Protect: Dangers to wood
    1. Moisture (wood decay, ugly marks).
    2. UV-Light (wood becomes grey and brittle over time due to weathering).
    3. Blue Stain, Fungal Decay (dark spots destroy the woods cell structure).
  • Osmo does not form a film on the wood (moisture is not trapped in the wood), does not hide the original, color, beauty and grains of the wood).
  • Osmo forms a protecting micro porous surface, Natural, vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood and protect it.
  • Renovation: Possible to repair the affected area only, no need to sand the whole surface, Lacquers have to be sanded off before treatment with an oil as it needs an absorbent surface
  • Osmo treated wood becomes resistant against water, tea, coffee and other fizzy drinks spillages
  • Natural Raw Materials: Totally environment friendly, based on oils and waxes, No chemicals at all, harmless to health, based on purified renewable raw materials, Harmless for humans, animals and plants when dry
  • Safe for kids toys, kitchens cabinets and other areas, Oils and waxes: good for the wood and the environment
  • Use it on everything made of wood, diverse range of products, interiors, (furniture, flooring, doors, kitchen, exteriors, pergolas, decking, Money, Money, Money, Cost and Benefit: High Solid Content, Unbeatable price per meter square, Don’t get deceived by price per liter price comparisons, No Primer Needed, Only 2 coats as compared to 3 or 4 coats with conventional wood finishes.
Osmo finish does not flake, peel or blister, however does weather over time and needs renovation after one year WITHOUT Sanding.
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