1. Site Conditions
  • Wood/marquetry flooring should be one of the last jobs completed in a construction project. Prior to installing wood floors, the building must be structurally complete and enclosed, including installation of exterior doors and windows. All finished wall coverings and painting should be completed. Concrete, masonry, drywall, and paint must also be complete, allowing adequate drying time as to not raise the moisture content within the building.
  • The site must be free of any moisture.
  • The room temperature and humidity must be in the final normal operating conditions, i.e, if it is the norm to use airconditioning, then the airconditioning should be operational in its normal capacity to allow normal conditions for installation. HVAC systems must be fully operational at least 7 days prior to flooring installation, maintaining a consistent room temperature between 18-25C° and a relative humidity between 35-55%.
2. Site/material preparation 
3. Installation techniques 
4. Sanding and finishing 
5. Maintenance 
6. Wood species range and technical details 
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